Will I get to Jail if My Seeds Order Gets Intercepted by Customs

Will I get to Jail if My Seeds Order Gets Intercepted by Customs

If you are in a country where marijuana is illegal, then you should know that ordering marijuana seeds on the internet is a risk. There are seeds which are intercepted by customs. Most people will want to know if they will get to jail if this happens because there information is in the mail as the recipients. Now, let’s discuss this. Read on.

What happens to the intercepted seeds?

Customs intercept marijuana seeds because most countries do not allow importation of agricultural products like seeds. They will only know if they are marijuana seeds if they are labeled by the merchant however if they don’t then they wouldn’t know that they are weed seeds.

What will customs do to the receiver of the seeds?

They usually just confiscate and destroy the seeds and won’t do anything to the buyer. They don’t usually that much time to waste for a few seeds. They are more concerned with real drugs getting to the country. Aside from that, they are just seeds and not weed.

Some may send a letter or notice reminding the buyer that it is not permitted to import agricultural products. Nobody will get jailed except if you make it very obvious.

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This article is for information purposes only and this won’t be a guide on how to become risk free when ordering marijuana seeds online because buying this product is a risk and will always be a risk unless countries from around the world legalize this gift of nature.

How to avoid from your orders getting seized?

There are a lot of ways that the online marijuana seed banks do to make sure that there seeds get through customs’ inspections. Some ship inside toys, wallet, CD, USB, t-shirt, business envelope, greetings card, sex toys and a lot more. You don’t have to worry about that because the online seed banks know how to deal with your customs.

For you to make sure that you won’t get seized is to order from an online seedbank which is based in a country which is trusted from around the world like Canada.

Customs are not strict with packages coming from Canada so seeds orders from Canada don’t have that much problems with shipping. You can order high quality yet cheap Auto-flowering marijuana seeds from Canada and have them shipped right to your address.

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