Why Buy Auto flowering Marijuana Seeds on the Internet?

Auto flowering Marijuana Seeds

There are a lot of people who are into online buying for marijuana seeds because it is safe and very effective with their shipping. These online seed banks have been in the industry for quite some time now and they know how to deal with the different customs that are always ready to seize your seeds order. These online marijuana seed bank have very discreet shipping methods. Some may ship your seeds order inside sex toy, tampon, tea bag, wallet, etc.

Why buy from an Online Marijuana Seed bank and not from your local source?

There are not a lot of local sources for high quality marijuana seeds especially if you are in a country where marijuana is illegal. There are some which sells seeds in the underground markets. They are sneaky and when you need them because you have problems with your purchase then they are nowhere to find. Too sneaky!

The online marijuana seed banks are legitimate companies which are paying taxes in their respective countries. Make sure to buy from a legitimate marijuana seed bank which is based in a country where marijuana is legal or partly legal. There are Canadian, UK and Amsterdam marijuana seed banks that ship worldwide discreetly.

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With these online seed banks, you don’t need to travel to your local source because with just a few clicks of your mouse, you will be presented with a huge array of options for high quality auto flowering, feminized and regular marijuana strains ready for growing.

How to grow auto flowering marijuana seeds?

Growing auto flowering marijuana strains is easy. They are quick flowering and you can harvest them within a short period of time. Regular strains can only be grown up to twice a year because they are seasonal and dependent on light and climate. Auto flowering marijuana strains are not dependent on the light cycle and will flower even with less light used.

If you have a little time for growing and if you are in hurry for buds, then the auto flowering marijuana seeds would be great for you to grow. There are a lot of people who are growing this strain for quite some time now because they find success with it. You can even harvest 4 times per year with it. Even if they don’t yield as much as the regulars but the rapid growth will provide you with double to triple the number of harvest.

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