What Are The Best Autoflowering Cannabis Seeds

best autoflowering cannabis seeds

Many growers believe that auto-flowering plants will disappear quickly in the market or would not sell at all because it has a low quality but auto-flowering cannabis seeds proved those growers wrong. Auto-flowering cannabis seeds are getting more popular every day. This method is used to automatically flower your Cannabis seeds without reducing the exposure of sunlight to the seeds. This is faster than the traditional method.  If you require a constant supply of marijuana, this is the method that you should use. The varieties of these seeds differ in the growth of it within two to four weeks so you should choose the right variety of seeds.

What are the best auto-flowering cannabis seeds?

There are several auto flowering cannabis seeds that you can actually acquire through the online market. Here are some examples of the auto flowering cannabis seeds that are considered to be the best in terms of their specifications: Vertigo is an outstanding variety from Paradise seeds. It produces an outstanding amount of thick, hard and resinous buds with a fruity flavor. It is also one of the quickest strains in the market. Vertigo can be harvested in 60 days time. The effect of this variety is strong but relaxed. Auto Blueberry was one of the first releases of Dutch Passion. This variety will often display blue hues in the bud near harvesting time and when exposed to lower temperatures. The flavor also resembles the original Blueberry. This variety can also produce incredible yields when it is in advance set ups. And the feminized 60 day wonder. This is a fast strain and produces big yields. It can be harvested in 60 days time as the name says it. It can be grown indoor or outdoor.  Feminized Auto Skunk Mass has a strong musty flavor. The production yield of this variety never disappoints for an auto strain. It has the perks of both sativa and indica feeling. This is a cross between Critical Mass and Skunk No. 1

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What companies produce these auto-flowering cannabis seeds?

Many companies produce the auto-flowering type of cannabis seeds. Some of these companies are as follows: The critical jack is blended by the Sensi Seed Bank and Critical+, Rapid Afghan and the Feminized Turbo Jack is a variety of the AC Genetics, Auto Seeds produce Feminized Pineapple Punch Seeds, Feminized Auto Blueberry is created by Dutch Passion and the Feminized 60 day Wonder is created by DNA Genetics.


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