Using CFLs to Grow Weed Autoflowers

Using CFLs to Grow Weed Autoflowers

While they describe growing cannabis plants as easy to moderate, it really meant that you have to do a kind of maintenance that is easy in the sense but most people fail at it because they tend to exaggerate what they should really do. Planting and growing the cannabis strains with the auto flowering trait is as easy as planting an ordinary plant but some of its needs requires a maximized amount. Auto flowering cannabis strains are thought to be independent of the 12/12 day and night cycle however, the real thing is that daylight is an essential factor for them to facilitate ideal growth. Most of the auto-flowering cannabis strains prefer the outdoor setting and eventually they yield higher with this.This shows that their need for light is greater than the usual and this can be compensated by using CFLs.

What does the CFLs do to the plant?

Compact fluorescent lights or CFLs are lighting devices that we use in our homes. What makes these lighting devices good for your growing cannabis plants is that it provides a light spectrum that is more usable for them. This means that some other lighting products emit light that is inefficient for them. With CFLs, it mimics the daylight spectrum hence, making it more useful for plants. You will expect them to grow and develop at an optimum level if their other needs are supplied adequately.

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These CFLs have color temperatures and the daylight types emit the light that is suitable for the vegetative growth of cannabis plants. According to some cannabis growers who have applied the use of CFL technology, they suggest that blue light should be used during the germination and vegetative stages. When the growth of the plant signals for the onset of its flowering stage, red light is ideal for use.

What are the benefits in using CFLs?

The use of CFLs compared to other light emitting devices such as LED or HID is more effective because of its highly efficient PAR (photosynthetically active radiation), which comes in color temperatures that are useful for the plant. CFLs emit less heat so it is better to use them than the HIDs that give off more heat, which could burn the vegetative parts of the plant. Moreover, buying CFLs comes in different sizes and are affordable. They are very convenient to use and easy to replace when they no longer function.

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