Making Autoflowering Feminized Marijuana Seeds

Auto-flowering feminized cannabis seeds

Auto-flowering feminized cannabis seeds or more commonly known as “autofem” are the recent development the seed technology of cannabis. These seeds have been experimented at a genetic level in order to alter the genes expressing the sex of the resulting cannabis plants however, there is no such thing as 100% feminized. This is so because they are a result of a hermaphroditic breeding, which means that one of the parent strains possess both male and female reproductive characteristics. However, there are professional growers that guarantee production of auto-flowering feminized seeds that are nearly free from hermaphroditic origin.

What are the Ways to Make Auto-flowering and Feminized Cannabis Seeds?

There are several ways of making feminized and auto-flowering cannabis seeds. These intensive processes may involve using of substances such as fertilizers, colloidal silver, gibberellic acid and other plant growth hormones or by employing the STS reversal. Applying environmental stresses such as light and pH can also result to alterations in their sex. However, it is always best to make use of the traditional ways in making the seeds feminized.

Production of feminized cannabis seeds must begin with selecting pure female seeds. Because they are sensitive to stresses, they are exposed to these environmental factors to allow development of male flowers. From those sex-modified flowers, collection of pollen grains follows and then these will be used to pollinate the remaining female flowers.These will eventually produce seeds that will not have the male chromosome and will be called as feminized. Without the male chromosome, production of female seeds will be greater and lesser tendency for hermaphroditic seeds.

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What is the Importance of Making Feminized Cannabis Seeds?

Feminized cannabis seeds that are also capable of auto-flowering are advantageous because these will help you achieve your expected maximum cannabis yield. In addition, all female cannabis plants results to more efficient yield from harvest, which is sustainable for most cannabis growers especially the beginners. In optimal plant growth conditions, feminized and auto-flowering seeds produce “female only” plants so you will be able to save time in eliminating the male ones. It was also reported that the THC concentrations extracted from the feminized cannabis plants are higher compared to the male ones. Regular cannabis seeds may give you taller cannabis plants and variety of seeds but if you are after of a better yield and larger medicinal attributes, the acquiring feminized and auto-flowering seeds are your smart option.

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