Buying Cheap Autoflowering Pot Seeds Online: How’s the Quality?

buy autoflowering cannabis seeds online

Cannabis growers will always prefer to use autoflower seeds as this might increase yield rate. They also prefer to buy autoflower cannabis seeds online as this allows them to check the plant’s description and appearance easily.

Most autoflowering pot seeds are not cheap though, these are the seeds that have been experimented by cultivators and have produced good quality buds. That is why the marijuana industry considers this as a blessing. But if you do your research properly, you will come across cheap autoflowering pot seeds that might just give you the same bud quality as expensive ones.

What are Autoflowering Cannabis Seeds?

Marijuana seeds from the indica or the sativa species are crossbred with the ruderalis species. The offspring of this crossbreed will result in a fast flowering variety that produces a good quality yield. Since the Ruderalis species can only be found in the colder regions such as Russia and China, the plant has mastered decreasing its light dependency. 

The autoflowering plant can be used for both outdoor and indoor marijuana garden. It has also been proven to prevent illness and diseases brought by harsh temperatures. This makes it easier to take care of.

Where can I purchase autoflowering Cannabis Seeds?


  • Seed banks


You can buy autoflowering cannabis seeds online or on the physical store. The advantage of buying from the actual store is that you will get to personally talk to people who are experts in growing the plant. And if you’ll have issues with the seed, you can always go back and ask for help. 

While for buying online, you will get in-depth information on what the seed is all about, how it was cultivated and what are the possible effects. All of these can be done without having to talk to a person, beneficial if you have anxiety problems.

The disadvantage of when you buy Autoflowering Cannabis Seeds Online

Novice cultivators are always warned that online scammers are always lurking in the marijuana industry. There’s a lot of factors to consider before making that first purchase online. Check on the shipping details, contact information, payment method, and the company background to avoid getting scammed online.

Another thing to do is make sure to do full research on the seed you’re planning to buy so you’ll know if you receive the correct type of seeds. Also, being a sensory product, most customers will want to see the cannabis seeds first before purchasing them.


  • Dispensaries


Autoflowering seeds are always available in dispensaries. It’s always recommended to buy from dispensaries who are regulated by the government. This is also applicable for patients who use medical marijuana and wants to plant their own strain. By buying from authorized dispensaries, it gives customers a 100% guarantee of the quality of the buds the marijuana plant will grow.


  • Local Marijuana Farmers


If you are living in a state that allows marijuana usage and cultivation, you should have local farmers who grow autoflowering plants. They might not spend time and money on advertising and rely mostly on word of mouth. You can check your local papers and see if they have marijuana seeds to offer. Good thing is that most local farmers will go to state events like fairs for them to sell their products.


  • Cannabis Festivals
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This is a good avenue for different types of cannabis cultivators as they can be found in one place. From big companies to small start-ups and even individual growers who are making hybrids from different strains. By going to festivals, you will get a lot of knowledge from growers and they will gladly give it to you for free. You might even chance upon the autoflowering cannabis seeds that you can use for your marijuana garden.

The Quality of Cheap Autoflowering Pot Seeds

Here’s a list of things that you can expect when you use cheap autoflowering seeds. This is just a general overview and might vary depending on the strain you will use. The best way to find out if the strain will work for you is to look for reviews or ask people you know that might be using the seeds.


  • Increased yield but may not be of the same level


When you are using autoflowering seeds, you have an idea that they start developing flowers at a faster rate compared to other marijuana strains. The faster flowering rate also means faster fertilization and expect that you will have your harvest in a short period of time. 

Although the yield has increased, the number of buds that the plant gives off might not be of the same number. The sure thing is that the harvesting frequency has the chance of getting doubled.

Autoflowering cannabis plants are known to ward off certain diseases even prevent mold production, so cultivators get a higher chance of getting produce.


  • Discreet cultivation process


Autoflowering cannabis plants are known to be smaller than other marijuana plants, therefore, making it easier to have them either indoors or outdoors. They are also known to be in stealth mode since they blend with other plants in the backyard. These types of marijuana plants can be placed both indoors and outdoors so production can also be doubled.


  •  “High” effect but on a different level


Just like other marijuana plants, cheap autoflowering cannabis plants are known to give a certain kind of high to its consumers. Customers have reported getting an energetic and psychedelic feeling after inhaling the smoke.  But be informed that for autoflowering plants, the THC level can be decreased due to their ruderalis lineage, but you can still feel a certain level of high for sure.

Some would even prefer to use autoflowering cannabis plants for recreational purposes since it gives off a fruity scent. This is perfect for those who just want to enjoy the effects of marijuana without feeling a certain punch in the head.

Autoflowering seeds are often used by cultivators who want to increase their yield by the number. It’s also not as complicated as using other seeds but not everyone might get the same results that they want. What’s important is that you know what is your preferred type of seed and work on that.

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