All About Super Skunk Autoflowering Cannabis Strain

Super Skunk Autoflowering Cannabis Strain

As far as marijuana seeds go, few seed strains are as compelling as Super Skunk, which got its name from the cheesy, pungent flavor and aroma it exudes that does smell like its namesake animal. Super Skunk takes the Skunk group of seeds back to its Afghani origins, producing a signature potency, weight, and flavor to it you’d only find from Skunk derivatives like the Critical Cheese Automatic. Super Skunk is able to claim its own territory by being the next-level hybrid of cannabis aimed at searching for the perfect Afghani genotype to make Skunk #1 yet improves upon the original even though it was made available three years later after the Shiva Skunk.

The pleasant high produced by the aromatic Super Skunk isn’t the only thing to look forward with the strain. It’s also quite high yield, making this Afghani cultivars the perfect cost-efficient investment when it comes to hybrid cannabis seeds. When growing it indoors, you can acquire yields of up to 450 g/m². Outdoors, it can go up to 600 g/m². In terms of growing it, the flowering time from germination to full growth is 8 to 9 weeks or 55-65 days, roughly. Harvest time is usually September for this easy to grow plant. Indoors, it can grow up to 70 cm, while outdoors it can grow up to 200 cm altogether.

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At any rate, here’s a closer look at the specifications of this Afghani Indica/Sativa hybrid (incidentally, it’s 35% Sativa and 65% Indica). Its THC level is up to 15%, which means in terms of highs, it offers the most mellow and mentally stimulating ones around. By taking it, you’ll become more talkative, happy to the point of being euphoric, creative, and imaginative. It won’t impair your mental functions thanks to the hint of Sativa in the mostly Indica strain, thus producing a clear-headed, “couch lock” high.

Where to Buy Super Skunk Auto-flowering Marijuana Seeds?

Super Skunk Auto-flowering marijuana seeds are available for cheap in an online marijuana seed bank which delivers their seed products to their customers around the world. These online seed banks offer worldwide discreet shipping that even your mailman won’t know what you just ordered. You might also get some high quality free cannabis seeds with your order but this promo differs from one company to another.

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